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Planning a career break and Returning to work

Are you returning to work after a career break?

Are you considering when and how to return to work?

What kind of work interests you?

How can you avoid self-limiting beliefs?

How can you balance your work and your home life?

People take career breaks for a number of reasons. Taking a break from work, particularly for maternity leave or carer leave can be rewarding, but can also affect your confidence levels about returning. You may want time to explore when or whether you want to return to work. Many people also want to maintain flexibility to balance their home and work responsibilities. The coaching conversation offers a safe supportive and challenging way for you to explore what you want from a return to work, what are the options and how can you find the best fit for your particular circumstances.

Through a series of 6 sessions we can explore your ambitions and develop your plans for future working. The focus for the sessions will be tailored to meet your particular needs and interests and your timeframe.

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