Karen Greenwood

Contact me on 020 8341 6647 or email info@karengreenwood.co.uk


Are you a clinician or senior manager interested in becoming a better leader?

Would you like time to reflect on and develop skills for working within complex organisations?

Do you want to make a greater impact at work?

How can you develop your approach to best fit your local situation?

Coaching offers a range of approaches which offer support and challenge for you to

  • explore where you are now,
  • prioritise what your options may be for the future
  • consider how to shape your future plans and
  • decide on how to make them happen.

Through asking questions and reflecting together on the answers the coaching exchange is a powerful way to develop your self-awareness and increase your sense of agency in your work and life. The focus is on how you can increase your impact through learning about the power of a whole system approach. My aim is to support you to influence systems and to improve the services you manage/deliver.

Coaching offers opportunities to improve personal authority, to deepen understanding of boundaries, to develop influence and negotiation and support networking and collaboration with others.

One of the most exciting aspects of coaching is how it helps both the person being coached and the coach to see things from different perspectives and through this to learn new ways of understanding and new approaches.

Coaching sessions can be face to face or on the telephone. A typical face to face contract lasts 6 months and involves 6 two-hour sessions. Telephone coaching sessions typically last one hour.

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